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Weaner Crate

  • Brand: HengYin
  • Material: hot galvanized steel
  • Width: As your requirement
  • Type of crate: Double piglets crates conjoined
  • Feature: Easily Clean and easy install
  • Delivery Detail: Shipped in 30 days after payment

  • Product Description
  • Technical Data

Weaner Crate

Weaner crate is used for piglets after suckling time.Reliable and clean PVC panel wall of crate provide safe and comfortable environment for pig.The PVC board of our crate is the patented product of our factory, the patent number is2004200006372.The density, performance, appearance, texture were very close to natural wood, and the waterproof, fireproof, decay, noise, thermal insulation performance was better than the natural wood. The material is toughness, high strength, long service life.


Seamless plastic floor

Plastic floor is used in weaner crate to reduce feed waste as well as save trouble of sewage treatment caused when feed leak down into sewage pool.

PVC panel

Hot dip galvanized tube is applied up PVC panel,which not only increase height of weaner crate to prevent pig jump out of crate but also ensure the ventilation is good.

Automatic feeding system

The wet and dry feeder designed is used to improve more than 20% of pig feed intake. Stainless steel bottom slot and dose devices are easy to clean and disassemble. Avoid the pigs eating moldy feeds.Pigs can get the feed easily, feeding pigs with forage and water at the same time.
Feature & advantage:
1. Long life span
2. Anti-corrosion
3. Smooth surface
4. Effective disease isolation
5. Good mechanical strength
6. Great warm-keeping effect
7. Easy to clean thoroughly and install

Weaner crate
Size PVC panel can be cut according to clients requirement of suitable length and width
Wall PVC panel
Hot galvanized pipe
Floor Plastic slat floor(different sizes flloor are availablle for your choice)
Seamless plastic floor(600*600 mm)
Feeder Wet/dry feeder,stainless steell double sides feeder
Fixture Base, snap joint,etc.