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  • Farrowing Crate
  • Farrowing Crate
  • Farrowing Crate
  • Farrowing Crate
  • Farrowing Crate

Type A Farrowing Crate

  • Brand: Hengyin
  • Size: 2.4*3.6m/2.4*1.8m(width*long)
  • Material: steel tube, PVC board, plastic floor, cast iron floor
  • Process: CO2 gas shielded welding first, overall hot dip galvanization
  • Min. Order: 5
  • Note: Size can be customized

  • Product Description
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Type A Farrowing Crate

Farrowing crate provides the safe and comfortable environment for the sows for childbirth and breeding.Also important is to improve the survival rate of piglets. At the same time, farrowing crate has a great influence on the lactation and energy recovery of the sows.

Product advantages:

1.Adopt co2 gas shielded welding first, then do overall hot dip galvanized processing to the steel pipe, which makes it has high anti-corrosion, rust prevention, great durability.
2.Nodular cast iron slat floor used for sow position has suitable space between rods and the smooth surface make sure it will not injure sow’s nipple. Cast iron floor has high weight capacity of 800 kg.
3.Plastic floor used for piglets has round section with smooth surface, which is easy for waste to leak down and will not injure piglets’ feet. Its weight capacity is approx. 300 kg.
4.Reversible and washable stainless steel trough is applied in farrowing crate to provide clean, safe feeding place for sow. The anti-corrosion material reduces the mildew rate of feed. The curved edge design reduce the feed waste.
5. Adjustable back door design and side fence crate provides comfortable environment according to different sizes of sows. Considerate design of anti-pressing bar to prevent sows pressing piglets when they lay down too quickly.

Size(one set for two sows) 2.4*3.8m 2.4*3.6m 2.4*3.4m
Material(sowplace) 33.4mm steel pipe,20mm steel pipe Tube wall thinckness 2.5mm
Treatment Over all hot dip galvanization
Floor Plastic slat floor (600*600mm,600*400mm)
Seamless plastic floor(600*600mm)
Ductile cast iron floor(600*700mm)
Trough Stainless steel 304
Warm-box Open type warm box Closed PVC warm box
Fiberglass beam 100*32*5.5mm 120*32*5.5mm
Fixture Base, snap joint, etc
Accessories Feeding trough for piglets, dringing bowl