Pig Runner
  • Pig Runner
  • Pig Runner

Pig Runner

  • Item : Pig runner used in dry feeding
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Used for: Piglets

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Pig Runner

The PigRunner is filled with dry feed/prestarter in the form of meal or crumbs. The integrated spiral on the shaft presses the feed into the trough. The mixer at the end of the shaft mixes fed and the water which was introduced through the hollow shaft into the trough into pulp feed.


1.Permanently fresh small portions frequently during the day, therefore prevention of feed depressions and reaching of high feed uptakes.
2.Made of high-grade steel
3.Feeding automatic for 40 weaners of a weight of 3-14kg
4.Mounted onto a plate, therefore simple shifting into the pen. No permanent installation necessary
5.Combination with warm water (heating rod) is possible
6.Water amount and feeding time are individually adjustable
7.As low or high pressure variation
8.Optional solution for a brief period of the further provisioning of weaker animals during weaner raising
9.Utilizes full genetic performance potential of the animals