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  • Pig automatic feeding system
  • Pig automatic feeding system
  • Pig automatic feeding system

Pig Automatic Feeding System

  • Brand: HengYin
  • Material: hot galvanized; plastic; fiber glass
  • Usage: utomatic feeding for pigs
  • Delivery Detail: Shipped in 30 days after payment
  • Service: provide free farm design
  • Packaging Details: standard packages

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Pig Automatic Feeding System

The advantages of the installation of automatic pig raising piglets can be based on different stages of pig growth, regular, quantitative feeding, saving feed. Effectively avoid the occurrence of stress response in herds, pigs in the same house can be fed at the same time. The use of automated pig equipment pig farms automatic pig feed line feeding system, breeders can not enter the pig house and direct feeding, cut off the spread of the disease. Under normal circumstances a breeder can feed a number of pig houses, save labor, improve labor productivity.

Advantages of HENGYIN Automatic Feeding System for pigs:

1. Full automatic operated for pig farm.
2. Saving feed, less man power and cost.
3. Easier to install, easier to use.
4. Automatically deliver feed with fixed quantity and time according to different stages.
5. 300 pigs feeding time controlled in 30Min, automatically feeding for many times per day.

Name Pig Automatic Feeding System for pig
Application Pig farm, sow farm, piglet farm, hog farm, swine farm, automatic pig equipment
Capacity customized size based on your farm size, one line could feed 600pcs sow or more
Feeding Time Automatic feeding within 30 minutes for 300pigs
Automatic Type time set, quantity set, make sure feeding automatically,could set the time and feeding quantity , automatically feeding at different
Feature Save time, save breeding cost, modern pig house, low cost high output
Main Accessories Silo,Drive Controll Motor,Auger&Chian Pipe,stainless steel chain & disk drive box,Drop Feeder,hign quality corner and so on