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  • Half resting place crate
  • Half resting place crate
  • Half resting place crate

Half Resting Place Crate

  • Brand: HengYin
  • Type: Pig farm equipment
  • Surface treatment: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Length: 2.3m
  • Accessories: Hot Dip Galvanized steel, SS 304
  • Fixture: Base,snap joint,etc

  • Product Description
  • Technical Data

 Product Description:
Hot dip galvanized sow gestation stall made by our company uses hot dip galvanized steel tube, which adopts carbon dioxide protection welding. The sow gestation stall is firm enough, anti-corrosion and has great durability. Our hot dip galvanized sow gestation stall is apace-saving and easy to manage, which is fast and easy to install. 2.3*1.0*0.65m / 2.3*1.0*0.6m the size can be customized according to your demand.
Main Features:
1. Fully hot dip galvanized steel pipe, adopt carbon dioxide protection welding
2. Customize as your command if order a big quantity
3. Firm enough and smooth without burr
4. Anti-corrosion, outstanding durability
5. Space-saving, easy to manage
6. Fast and easy to install