Chicken Feeder
  • Chicken Feeder

Chicken Feeder

  • Brand : Hengyin
  • Size: 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 9KG, 13KG as customer's request
  • Material: pure plastic
  • Usage : Chicken
  • Feed model: In cage or free-range

  • Product Description
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Chicken Feeder

Chicken feeder is made of bucket, pan, split bar. The bucket and pan are connected by screws and brackets. Comparing with rearing chicken by throw feed manually, chicken feeder can be called semi-automatic feeder.


Thickening type, according to weight of feed filled each time. it can be divided into 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 9KG, 13KG etc. We can also make customized size as per customer’s request. 

Product advantage

1,Made of pure polyethylene and polypropylene, safe and no pollution
2, Bucket and split bar are yellow, pan is red , the integrated design of bucket and split bar looks very nice.
3, Convenient to operate and move , easy to clean and disinfect.
4, Various size, we can also customize them according to customer’s requirements.
5, Produced by automatic high speed hollow plastic molding machine, high precision of grams ,uniform thickness.
6,Hanged by hooks, lifted freely by labor.