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Plastic Floor

  • Brand Name: HY
  • Model Number:  HY-PSF
  • Name: durable various sizes plastic slats pigs nursery floor
  • Use: Pig, Goat, Sheep, Chicken
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 600*600mm

  • Product Description
  • Technical Data

 Description :
Our plastic floor, using the new imported PP raw materials, floor design with a circular surface design, greatly improving the loading capacity per unit area of floor, corrosion resistance, easier fecal leakage, easy to clean and to avoid pinching pigs hooves and a series of benefits.
According to the cross-section, there are three kinds:
1. The round surface plastic flooring:
600 * 600mm, 600 * 400mm
2. The hemicycle surface plastic flooring:
545 * 460mm, 500 * 600mm, 550 * 600mm
3. The flat surface plastic floor:
550 * 600mm, 500 * 600mm, 545 * 460mm
Also have the no-leakage plastic slatted floor: 600*600mm

The round surface plastic flooring
Size 600*600mm 600*400mm
Material PP
Weight 3.2kg 2.4kg
Load-bearing 420kg 420kg

The hemicycle surface plastic flooring
Size Weight Load-bearing
545*460mm 2.05kg 300kg
545*600mm 2.4kg 320kg

The flat surface plastic floor
Size Weight Load-bearing
500*600mm 1.7kg 280kg

no-leakage plastic slatted floor
Size Weight Load-bearing
600*600mm 3.1kg 280kg