Easy Feeder
  • Easy Feeder
  • Easy Feeder

Easy Feeder

  • Item : EasyFeeder used in dry feeding
  • Other Name: Piglet feed on wheel
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Used for : Piglets in Farrowing Crate
  • Brand: HengYin

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Easy Feeder

The easy feeder is the first mobile feeding system for suckling piglets in the farrowing section. Simply mix the required feed amount in the EasyFeeder, drive off and feed,-that’s all: comfortable and easy.


1.Mobile Feeding
2.Available with rechargeable battery or electric cable
3.Cable length: 25m
4.Automatic retractor mechanism keeps cable clean
5.Feeding by means of a lance. Slight pressing against the tip of the lance opens the dosification valve
6.No splashing and pollution like for example by feeding with watering can as lance will directly feed out into the trough
7.Smooth feeding of prestarter
8.Exact dosification
9.Dry substance contents up to 27%possible
10.Integrated thermometer displays feed temperature
11.Separate switching of agitators and pump
12.50% time saving as opposed to customary manual feeding smooth-running wheels
13.High security against overturning and easy cleaning
14.Dosing and mixing at the same time.
15.Easy to handle due to light construction

Technical Date:

1.Max. capacity: 100 liters
2.Min. capacity: 10 liters
3.Battery run-time: approx. 5 hours at long-term usage
4.Battery charging time: approx. 8 hours