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Exhaust Fan

  • Type: Axial Flow Fan
  • Mounting: Wall Fan
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 1.1kw
  • Air Volume: 44800 cubic meter/hour

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Exhaust fan

This product is often used in poultry house, greenhouse, workshop, warehouse, factory, garage, basement and so on.

Product advantage:

1. The outline border adopt advanced automatic process, more accuracy, material adopt national level one galvanized zinc plank, thicker zinc coat, corrosive resistance
 2. The aluminum metal alloy of the high strength hub, adopt aviation aluminum magnesium metal alloy, light weight, high strength, good tensile
3. Strap adjust automatically, no need manual adjustment during lifetime
4.Shutter adopt special push-pull, open- close device, ensure shutter totally open and close, windproof, rainproof and dustproof
5. Newly punch forming stainless steel fan blade, reasonable angel and reach the max.     air flow,  mini. Noise. All fan blade through dynamic and static test, the balance difference is no more than 3g
6. Double bracing (E style) belt transporter, Europe industry motor standard
7.Safety net easily tear down

8.Imported Auto dedication bearing, double stainless steel pearl inside it, more durable
9. imported type B belt from Korea, wider and thicker, 35% longer service time than the type A belt widely used in this line.
10.Seven strictly quality test process: noise test, vibration test, concentric performance test, fan blade turning speed test, input air test, vehicle efficiency test and  motor current test.
11.Special motor hole wind shield, avoid wind losing to reach the best wind suck effect

-Model No. Inside Diameter Rotating Speed Air Flow Noise Level Power Wind Pressure Voltage Dimension
HY-138 1250mm 480rpm 44500m3/h &le75db 1.1kw 98Pa 380v 138*138*40cm
HY-122 1110mm 480rpm 35000m3/h &le70db 0.75kw 90Pa 380v 122*122*40cm
HY-110 950mm 480rpm 30000m3/h &le68db 0.55kw 80Pa 380V 110*110*40cm
HY-100 850mm 600rpm 25000m3/h &le65db 0.5kw 73Pa 380v 100*100*40cm