Liquid Feeding System for Pigs
  • Liquid Feeding System for Pigs
  • Liquid Feeding System for Pigs
  • Liquid Feeding System for Pigs

Liquid Feeding System for Pigs

  • Item: Liquid Feeding System
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Use: pig

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Liquid Feeding System for Pigs

1.Reduction of costs as improved animal performance can be gained with same feed amount
2.Greatest hygiene security by WEDA’s hygiene package (Hy.Light, PH-Control, cleaning with alkaline, acid wash and many more)
3.WEDA’s own conception and in-house production and therefore extraordinary system security
4.Computer controlled, fully automatic operation and therefore minimization of labour input
5.Exact mixing and dosing of feed without residues (economical)
6.Greatest feed accuracy
7.Feeding of any component and exact supplementation of any kind of additive
8.Provision and control of all production sectors via a central control system
9.Tremendous efficiency due to state-of-the-art technology
10.Transport of large feed amounts over large distances without problems
11.Modular system - the components of the unit can be combined in a modular construction system
12.Optimal adaptation to any kind of animal house or pen
13.Feeding can be carried out means of trough probes and predetermined feeding periods
14.By means of the liquid feeding system, all kinds of products can be fed out, therefore no limitation to grains as in dry feeding system
15.Rationed feeding or ad lib principle is possible
16.Number of feeding periods is freely adjustable
17.Relief for humans and animals due to low formation of dust
18.Feeding with feeding time measuring of weaners, fatteners and sows
19.The mixing containers fit through any door
20.The size of the unit can be customizes according to your individual requirements.