Cooling pad, evaporative cooling pad,cooling pad for poultry farm
  • The cooling pad
  • The cooling pad
  • The cooling pad

The Cooling Pad

  • Brand: HengYin
  • Blade material: FRP
  • Advantage: fine infiltration, absorbability
  • Usage: pig farm
  • Packing Details: Standaard seaworthy export package
  • Delivery Detail: 15 days after payment

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The Cooling Pad

The cooling process is finished within core part-paper pad.There is a thin water film on the waviness surface of cellulose paper.When heat air outside is inhaled through the pad by exhaust fan,the moisture on the water film will absorb the heat and is vaporized into vapour,thus cool air will enter the house.


1. The cooling pad adapts imported corrugated paper with high strength structure and corrosion proof and long service life.
2. It has fine infiltration and absorbability with balanced wet.
3. It has special three dimensional space structure provide a maximum steaming surface for the heat exchange between water and air.
4. Its outline boarder is galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet.

Model Height of cooling pad(H) Width of cooling pad(W) Thickness of cooling pad(D) Corrugation height(h) Corrugation angle(a&b)
HY-7090 1500,1800,2000mm 1500,1800,2000mm 100,150mm 7mm 45°&45°
HY-5090 1500,1800,2000mm 1500,1800,2000mm 100,150mm 5mm 45°&45°