pig farm design
  • pig farm design
  • pig farm design
  • pig farm design

Pig Farm Design

  • Brand: Hengyin
  • Type: Pig farm design
  • Usage: Pig farm
  • Equipment: As required
  • Design Drawings: Available in final

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pig farm design

1. Farm planning and design
1.1 The meaning of design

Making a standard design for pig farm means rational use of land, water and other resources, and make a long-term planning for the farm. So we should consider the reasonable layout between functional areas, the connection of building in functional areas so that we can better improve labor productivity, reduce the incidence of epidemics, meet the maximum potential needs of pig and improve the long-term economic benefits. In the overall layout, we also need to consider farm's long-term planning and phased implementation to make room for further expansion of farm.

1.2 Important elements in design

Farm design should consider the following elements: feeding scale, pig variety, site selection, functional partition, feeding technology,farm layout, building requirements, facilities and equipment needed, layout of ancillary buildings, harmless disposal of waste water and the supply of water and electricity. The construction and design of farm should be based on physiological characteristics of pigs at different stages, which could help the management of phased feeding and improve efficiency.

2. Design procedures of Large-scale pig farm

The main procedures for the planning and design of large-scale pig farms include:
Determination of farm products - determination of farm size - Feeding process - Pig house design - Environmental protection design - Equipment design - Overall layout
Customers need to determine the scale of farming, farm products and specific farm business, our company will do the design based on these.

2.1 Determination of farm products

Farm products can be classified according to its nature and quality. In nature , it can be divided into pigs and commercial pigs; In quality, it can be divided into foreign pigs, local pigs and hybrid pigs.Pig quality depends mainly on the quality of breeding pigs. Different pig farm products means different planning and design, so it is the first element to be decided.

2.2 The size of the farm depends mainly on two factors:

(1) Investment ability and investment capacity determine the initial size of the farm.
(2) Land resources and carrying capacity. The ability of crops to deal with sewage determines the size of the farm.

2.3 Farm management

There are now self-breeding pig farms, piglets breeding farms, professional fattening farms, customer should choose it based on specific conditions.

3. Farm design

Planning and design is the core of farm system and the embodiment of production process, logistics , feeding management and epidemic prevention .It is the prerequisite of efficient operation of the farm. Hengyin will design the farm according to different climate, feeding conditions, management and other standards to provide the best service for customer.
Our designers will design the farm according to standard farming process to reduce the spread of the disease, improve the level of herd health and production. Based on the information provided by the customer , we will analyze its group structure and the number of fence required and make customized design.