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Plastic Slat Floor

  • Brand: HengYin
  • Min.Order: 400
  • Material: engineering PP
  • Size: Diverse
  • Application: Animal Cage
  • Packing: Pallet

  • Product Description
  • Technical Data

Plastic Slat Floor

Product description:

Our plastic floor, using the new imported PP raw materials, floor design with a circular surface design, greatly improving the loading capacity per unit area of floor, corrosion resistance, easier fecal leakage, easy to clean and to avoid pinching pigs hooves and a series of benefits. 
We produce all kinds of plastic salt floor for pigs, goast, sheep, chicken and duck.
According to the cross-section, there are three kinds:
1. The round section plastic flooring: 600*600mm, 600*400mm
2. The arch-shaped surface plastic flooring: 545*460mm, 500*600mm, 550*600mm
3. The flat section plastic floor: 600*600mm, 550*600mm, 500*600mm, 545*460mm
4. Also have the no-leakage plastic slatted floor: 600*600mm

Main Feature:

1. Provide a superior farrowing platform.
2. Help pigs have good environment cleaned.
3. Leak dung effectively, easy to clean and install.
4. Keep health for poultry
5. Thickening floor, strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by poultry.
6. Some different colors can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

size weight package
545*460mm 1.47kg/pc 10pcs/bundle
545*600mm 1.95kg/pc 10pcs/bundle
500*600mm 1.95kg/pc 10pcs/bundle
600*600mm 2.76kg/pc 8pcs/bundle
600*600mm 2.64kg/pc 8pcs/bundle