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Pregnancy Test Instrument Machinery

  • Usage: Swine & Goat
  • Application: Vet ultrasound
  • Imaging mode: Free-hand 3D 64-80 Image
  • Transport Package : Aluminum Alloy Carry Case
  • Battery voltage: 4pcs (1.5V)

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 Pregnancy Test Instrument Machinery

Working Principle
  Pregnancy test instrument is an instrument which can emit and receive ultrasound waves.When the emitted ultrasound waves penetrate into the body of the swine or the goat, the echo reflect to the receiver.
  The uterus of swine and the goat will be full of amniotic fluid during pregnancy, so pregnancy test instrument distinguishes the receive echo response from the amniotic fluid, according to the different sounds made by pregnancy test instrument to determine whether the swine and goat are pregnant or not.

Products Advantage:
1. Smart size, easy to carry;
2. Battery is easy to purchase and replacement;
3. This Pregnancy Test Instrument is water-proof;
4. With the different feedback through sound and light, the instrument can be used under different environments.