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PVC Board

  • Brand: Hengyin
  • Size : 50*3cm/60*3.5cm(length*thickness)
  • Material: PVC board
  • Process: integral board extrusion in one time
  • Use : farrowing crate, weaner crate, grower crate
  • Packing: Use packing belt,then with pallet or not.

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PVC Board

This PVC board is a patent product of our company (patent No. 2004200006372), which is mainly used as fence of farrowing crate, weaner crate, and grower crate. Our board is used of microcellular foam PVC material and integrally extruded in one time. It has very similar characters as natural lumber, and its fire proofing, water proofing, moth proofing, sound proofing and warm insulation effect are much better than natural lumber. This PVC board produced by our company has several advantages as following:
1. Toughness, high strength, anti-corrosion, can serve a long life.
2. Smooth surface, will not injure the pigs, provides safe and comfortable environment for pigs.
3. Effective disease isolation, which is helpful to control the disease quickly and effectively.
4. Great warm-keeping effect, provides warm and comfortable environment for pigs.

Item Length Height(mm) thickness(mm) color Process
PVC Can be customized according to your need 500 30 Blue/White integral board extrusion in one time
600 35
250 30